Corporate Updates
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Company SymbolAnnouncement Date Announcement Type Clarifications
Temple Leasing And Finance Limited TLFL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Supra Industrial Resources Limited SUPRAIND19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Rakan Steels Limited RAKAN19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
MC-Stitch Limited MCSTITCH19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
KCL Limited KCLL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Impala Industrial Enterprises Limited IIEL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Ellora Traders Limited ELLORA19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Abhishek Infraventures Ltd ABHIINFRA19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Temple Leasing And Finance Limited TLFL19-Jan-2017 Statement Of Investor Complaint -
Uttaranchal Leasing Limited ULL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
U P Electricals Limited UPELECT19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Logic Infotech Limited LOGICINFO19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Leading Leasing Finance And Investment Company Ltd LLFICL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Laffan Software Limited LAFFANSOFT19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Jagadishwar Pharmaceuticals Works Limited JPWL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
Shivam Techno Projects Limited SHIVAM19-Jan-2017 Outcome Of Board Meeting -
Green Commercial Limited GREEN19-Jan-2017 Outcome Of Board Meeting -
Shivam Techno Projects Limited SHIVAM19-Jan-2017 Postal Ballot -
Green Commercial Limited GREEN19-Jan-2017 Postal Ballot -
Gulmohar Investments And Holdings Limited GIHL19-Jan-2017 Outcome Of Board Meeting -
Anubhav Industrial Resources Limited ANUBHAV19-Jan-2017 Statement Of Investor Complaint -
Amrit India Limited AMRIT19-Jan-2017 Statement Of Investor Complaint -
Online Information Technologies Limited OITL19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -
N. E. Electronics Limited NEELEC19-Jan-2017 Shareholding Pattern -