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Margin Deposits

Margin Deposits

Clearing Members / Professional Clearing Members can provide any deposits over and above their minimum liquid net-worth requirement in the form of:-

  • Cash Deposits
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Fixed Deposit Receipts
  • Government Securities or Treasury Bills
  • Approved Securities and units of mutual funds in demat form deposited with the custodian.


Initial margin shall be computed on an online real time basis, payable on all open positions of Clearing Members, up to client level, and shall be payable upfront by Clearing Members/Professional Clearing Members in accordance with the margin computation methodology adopted by the Metropolitan Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. of the Exchange from time to time. Initial margin requirements shall be based on 99% value at risk over a one day time horizon. The methodology for computation of value at risk percentage shall be as per the recommendations of SEBI from time to time.

Initial Margin

Initial Margin shall include SPAN margins, futures final settlement margin and such other additional margins, that may be specified by the Metropolitan Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. from time to time.

Initial margin requirement:

  • For client positions - shall be netted at the level of individual client and grossed across all clients, at the trading/ clearing/professional clearing member level, without any set-offs between clients.
  • For proprietary positions - shall be netted at trading / clearing member level without any set-offs between client and proprietary positions.

The margins so computed shall be aggregated first at the trading member level and then aggregated at the clearing member /professional clearing member level.


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