Unified Distilled File Formats

As advised by the Market Data Advisory Committee (MDAC) of SEBI, the formats of files disseminating by Exchange for Trade and Bhavcopy to market participants for processing their Back office Operations is standardized and harmonized by all MIIs for all segments to facilitate ease of doing business in the Indian securities market. The new standardised file formats are named as “Unified Distilled File Formats (UDiFF)”.

The new UDiFF file formats for Trade and Bhavcopy files applicable for Capital Market (CM), Futures and Options (FO) and Currency Derivatives (CD) are provided as below:

UDIFF file formats along with sample test reports with ISO tags:

Segment Files
Currency Derivatives BhavCopy_MSE_CD_0_0_0_YYYYMMDD_F_0000
Equity Derivatives BhavCopy_MSE_FO_0_0_0_YYYYMMDD_F_0000
Equity Capital Market BhavCopy_MSE_CM_0_0_0_YYYYMMDD_F_0000

Guidance document having UDIFF Standards

Name File
UDiFF Standards for Generation and Implementation Annexure A
Proposed UDIFF file formats Annexure B