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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
Archidply Industries Limited ARCHIDPLY18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
ARSS Infrastructure Projects Limited ARSSINFRA18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Dharani Sugars & Chemicals Limited DHARSUGAR18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Eros International Media Limited EROSMEDIA18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Genesis Finance Company Limited GENESISFIN18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
India Stuffyarn Limited INDIASTUFF18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
JCK Infrastructure Development Limited JCKINFRA18-Sep-2019 - 23-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 10/- per share
J.Kumar Infraprojects Limited JKIL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 2.25/- per share
Jubilant Foodworks Limited JUBLFOOD18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 5/- per share
Kamini Finance & Investment Company Limited KAMINI18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Lotus Eye Hospital And Institute Limited LOTUSEYE18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Macor Packaging Limited MACORPACK18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Max Financial Services Limited MFSL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
The Motor & General Finance Limited MOTOGENFIN18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
North Eastern Publishing And Advertising Co Ltd NEPACL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Pearl Global Industries Ltd PGIL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 3/- per share
P. K. Leasing & Finance Limited PKLEASING18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Parijat Paper Mills Limited PPML18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Prakash Steelage Limited PRAKASHSTL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Purbanchal Prestressed Limited PURBANCHAL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited RCF18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Re. 0.77/- per share
Rattan India Infrastructure Limited RTNINFRA18-Sep-2019 - 26-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Rattan India Power Limited RTNPOWER18-Sep-2019 - 26-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Shipping Corporation Of India Limited SCI18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Shemaroo Entertainment Limited SHEMAROO18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Rs. 1.65/- per share
Sreeleathers Limited SREEL18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Summit Securities Limited SUMMITSEC18-Sep-2019 - 25-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Sun Finlease (Gujarat) Limited SUNFIN18-Sep-2019 - 26-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Technocraft Industries (India) Limited TIIL18-Sep-2019 - 20-Sep-201916-Sep-2019Annual General Meeting
Windsor Machines Limited WINDMACHIN18-Sep-2019 - 24-Sep-201916-Sep-2019AGM/ Final Dividend Re. 1/- per share