Datafeed Products

The Exchange provides Real-time price information to interested parties through "Datafeed" service of the Exchange. Datafeed contains information relating to Products traded on the Exchange platform.

Real-time Datafeed

MSE provides streaming data through a datafeed server connected with the Exchange trading server. This feed includes price information of all the currencies contracts traded on the Exchange. Real-time Datafeed is provided in two Levels (1 and 2). Level 1 consists of only touchline information and Level 2 consist of Level 1 data and market depth data upto 5 best bids and ask prices. Real-time Datafeed is provided over internet or through a dedicated 2 mbps leased circuit.

Delayed Datafeed

MSE provides 1 minute, 2 minute and 5 minute delayed Datafeed from Datafeed server of the Exchange. The feed includes price information of all the currencies contracts traded on the Exchange.

End-of-day (Bhavcopy)

This file is generated at the end of each trading day and it contains the end of day Bhavcopy information including day's contract wise Open, High, Low and Closing prices with volumes etc.


The Vendor or Data Distributor is allowed to receive Datafeed from the Exchange for the purposes of using, processing and disseminating information through its services for reception by its Redistributors and/or Clients.


Redistributors mean an entity whom the authorized Vendor of the Exchange provides Datafeed information as per the terms of the Redistributors Datafeed Agreement of the Exchange. Redistributor can further disseminate Datafeed information to its clients but is not allowed to further redistribute.

Media (Television)

Television channels can subscribe to datafeed directly from the Exchange or through authorized Datafeed vendors of the Exchange. They need to sign TV Channel agreement of the Exchange on subscription of datafeed. Resale of data by television channels, in any form whatsoever is not permitted.


Member is the trading member of the Exchange and is allowed to subscribe the datafeed for further dissemination on its website only. Member can subscribe to datafeed from authorized vendor or from the Exchange directly. If Member is subscribing Datafeed from Exchange then is required to enter into an Agreement with the Exchange

Leased circuit

Subscriber is required to establish 2Mbps leased circuit connectivity and arrange their own network equipment for sourcing Real-time Datafeed from the Exchange Data-centre. Subscriber is fully responsible for procurement, commissioning and maintenance of the Leased circuits.

Internet - URL based

The Exchange provides URL for delayed datafeed as per type of Datafeed subscribed by the subscriber. Subscriber is required to access URL over Internet for getting delayed Datafeed.

Subscriber is required

Subscriber is required to study the Datafeed Pricing policy and submit the filled to the Exchange by email:

Datafeed Request Form

On receipt of Datafeed Request Form, the Exchange shall review application and provide Order-Form for placing the order for subscription of datafeed specifying the type of Datafeed (Real time or delayed).


Invoice would be raised for payments and draft datafeed agreement would be provided for execution.

The Exchange

The Exchange shall provide datafeed on receipt of payment and execution of Datafeed Agreement.

Annual Charges

Annual Charges for Datafeed to be paid on yearly basis at the beginning of the period.

All categories

All categories of subscribers are required to sign an Agreement with the Exchange.

All redistributors

All redistributors accessing data from authorized Vendors are also required to sign an Agreement with MSE.

Vendor accessing Information

Vendor accessing Information for business use as defined in Datafeed Agreement are not allowed to distribute Information to third parties.


Subscriber is required to Report requirements as specified in the Schedules of Datafeed Agreement.


Vendor must not use datafeed information for any illegal purpose.

The Exchange

The Exchange permission is required to disseminate datafeed information on Wireless devices / Public Internet Display or any other device which are not covered under the MSE Datafeed Agreement.