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Introduction to CTCL

Introduction - Computer to Computer Link (CTCL)

Computer to Computer Link (CTCL) is a specification provided by the exchange using which members can expand their trading facility. This consists of a set of data structures that allow member to develop his own software to connect and transact with the exchange. CTCL software is developed using Application Programming Interface (API) of the Exchange.

The CTCL setup

The CTCL setup is managed entirely by the member without depending on the exchange. This would include procurement of application software, hardware, setting up a network, etc. The Exchange shall provide required technical details of the connectivity of the CTCL server to the MSE trading server and guidance. Exchange provides Non FIX API / FIX API for developing trading solutions.

Members are required

Members are required to comply with Master Circular Computer to Computer Link (CTCL) dated December 31, 2012 and Circular No: MCX-SX/CTCL/1477/2013 dated September 30, 2013 for respective facility.


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