Wireless Trading

SEBI vide its circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/25/2010 dated August 27, 2010, has permitted “Securities Trading using Wireless Technology” which shall include devices such as mobile phone, laptop with data card, etc. that use Internet Protocol (IP). Members who have been permitted by Exchange to provide IBT are eligible to provide Wireless Trading.

Procedure to apply for Wireless Trading

  • Members are required to submit documents as per Part: H Checklist for Securities Trading using Wireless Technology (Wireless Trading) Facility (Ref: page number 33 of Master Circular Computer to Computer Link (CTCL) dated December 31, 2012) and shall follow the procedure mentioned in Paragraph 3 of Circular No:
    MCX-SX/CTCL/1477/2013 dated September 30, 2013.
  • Demo of software is provided to Exchange.
  • Exchange provides approval to the member.