Company Name
Company Name SymbolSeriesStatusISIN
20 Microns Limited 20MICRONSEQ PermittedINE144J01027
3I Infotech Limited 3IINFOLTDEQ PermittedINE748C01038
3M India Limited 3MINDIAEQ PermittedINE470A01017
63 Moons Technologies Limited 63MOONSEQ PermittedINE111B01023
A2Z Infra Engineering Limited A2ZINFRAEQ PermittedINE619I01012
Aarti Drugs Limited AARTIDRUGSEQ PermittedINE767A01016
Aarti Industries Limited AARTIINDEQ PermittedINE769A01020
Aarvee Denims & Exports Limited AARVEEDENEQ PermittedINE273D01019
Aashrit Capital Limited AASHRITEQ ListedINE172F01018
Aavas Financiers Limited AAVASEQ PermittedINE216P01012
Aayush Food And Herbs Limited AAYUSHEQ ListedINE430R01015
Aban Offshore Limited ABANEQ PermittedINE421A01028
Abans Enterprises Limited ABANSEQ ListedINE365O01010
ABB India Limited ABBEQ PermittedINE117A01022
Abbott India Limited ABBOTINDIAEQ PermittedINE358A01014
ABG Shipyard Limited ABGSHIPEQ PermittedINE067H01016
Abhimanu Exports Limited ABHIMANUEQ ListedINE076R01016
Abhinandan Enterprises Limited AELEQ ListedINE841E01011
Abhishek Infraventures Ltd ABHIINFRAEQ ListedINE281P01016
ACC Limited ACCEQ PermittedINE012A01025
Accelya Solutions India Limited ACCELYAEQ PermittedINE793A01012
Accuvant Advisory Services Limited ACCUVANTEQ ListedINE838S01017
Ace Exports Limited ACEEXPOEQ ListedINE781X01019
Ace Stone Craft Limited ACESTONEEQ ListedINE026E01019
Action Construction Equipment Limited ACEEQ PermittedINE731H01025
Adani Enterprises Limited ADANIENTEQ PermittedINE423A01024
Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited ADANIPORTSEQ PermittedINE742F01042
Adani Power Limited ADANIPOWEREQ PermittedINE814H01011
Adani Transmission Limited ADANITRANSEQ PermittedINE931S01010
ADF Foods Limited ADFFOODSEQ PermittedINE982B01019
Adhunik Metaliks Limited ADHUNIKEQ PermittedINE400H01019
Aditri Industries Limited ADITRIEQ ListedINE636N01016
Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Limited ABCILEQ PermittedINE605B01016
Aditya Birla Fashion And Retail Limited ABFRLEQ PermittedINE647O01011
Aditya Birla Money Limited BIRLAMONEYEQ PermittedINE865C01022
Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited ABIRLANUVOEQ PermittedINE069A01017
Aditya Birla Sun Life Gold ETF - Growth BSLGOLDETFEQ PermittedINF209KB18D3
Aditya Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF - Growth BSLNIFTYEQ PermittedINF209KB19D1
Ador Welding Limited ADORWELDEQ PermittedINE045A01017
Adtech Systems Limited ADTECHEQ ListedINE257C01014
Advance Metering Technology Limited AMTLEQ PermittedINE436N01029
Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited ADVENZYMESEQ PermittedINE837H01020
Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Limited ADVANIHOTREQ PermittedINE199C01026
Advanta Limited ADVANTAEQ PermittedINE517H01028
Adventz Securities Enterprises Limited ADVENTZSECEQ ListedINE810E01016
Aegis Logistics Limited AEGISCHEMEQ PermittedINE208C01025
Affle (India) Limited AFFLEEQ PermittedINE00WC01027
Aftek Limited AFTEKEQ PermittedINE796A01023
Agarwal Duplex Board Mills Limited ADBMLEQ ListedINE290T01027
Agarwal Inds Corp Limited AGARINDEQ PermittedINE204E01012
Aggarsain Spinners Limited AGGARSAINEQ ListedINE431Z01016
AGI Greenpac Limited AGIEQ PermittedINE415A01038
Agro Tech Foods Limited ATFLEQ PermittedINE209A01019
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Limited AHLUCONTEQ PermittedINE758C01029
AIA Engineering Limited AIAENGEQ PermittedINE212H01026
Ajanta Pharma Limited AJANTPHARMEQ PermittedINE031B01049
Ajmera Realty & Infra India Ltd AJMERAEQ PermittedINE298G01027
Akash Agro Industries Limited AKASHAGROEQ ListedINE513G01011
AKS Credits Limited AKSCREDITSEQ ListedINE971C01010
Aksh Optifibre Limited AKSHOPTFBREQ PermittedINE523B01011
Akzo Nobel India Limited AKZOINDIAEQ PermittedINE133A01011
Alankit Limited ALANKITEQ PermittedINE914E01040
Alba Polymers Limited ALBAEQ ListedINE314S01019
Alchemist Ltd ALCHEMEQ PermittedINE964B01033
Alembic Limited ALEMBICLTDEQ PermittedINE426A01027
Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited APLLTDEQ PermittedINE901L01018
Alicon Castalloy Ltd ALICONEQ PermittedINE062D01024
Alirox Abrasives Limited ALIROXEQ ListedINE143F01019
Alkali Metals Limited ALKALIEQ PermittedINE773I01017
Alkem Laboratories Limited ALKEMEQ PermittedINE540L01014
Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited ALKYLAMINEEQ PermittedINE150B01039
Allahabad Bank ALBKEQ PermittedINE428A01015
Allcargo Logistics Limited ALLCARGOEQ PermittedINE418H01029
Allied Digital Services Limited ADSLEQ PermittedINE102I01027
Allsec Technologies Limited ALLSECEQ PermittedINE835G01018
Almondz Global Securities Ltd ALMONDZEQ PermittedINE326B01027
Alok Industries Limited ALOKINDSEQ PermittedINE270A01029
Alphageo (India) Limited ALPHAGEOEQ PermittedINE137C01018
Amar Remedies Limited AMAREQ PermittedINE787G01011
Amar Vanijya Limited AMARVANEQ ListedINE499F01015
Amara Raja Batteries Limited AMARAJABATEQ PermittedINE885A01032
Amarkantak Traders Limited AMARKANTAKEQ ListedINE326V01017
Amber Enterprises India Limited AMBEREQ PermittedINE371P01015
Ambika Cotton Mills Ltd AMBIKCOEQ PermittedINE540G01014
Ambuja Cements Limited AMBUJACEMEQ PermittedINE079A01024
Amrit India Limited AMRITEQ ListedINE791U01014
Amrutanjan Health Care Limited AMRUTANJANEQ PermittedINE098F01031
Amtek Auto Limited AMTEKAUTOEQ PermittedINE130C01021
Anant Raj Limited ANANTRAJEQ PermittedINE242C01024
Ancient Leasing Finance & Investment Co Limited ANCIENTEQ ListedINE124T01010
Andhra Bank ANDHRABANKEQ PermittedINE434A01013
Andhra Cements Limited ANDHRACEMTEQ PermittedINE666E01012
Andhra Paper Limited ANDHRAPAPEQ PermittedINE435A01028
ANG Industries Limited ANGINDEQ PermittedINE017D01010
Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Limited AFDILEQ ListedINE570E01016
Anik Industries Limited ANIKINDSEQ PermittedINE087B01017
Ankur Drugs And Pharma Limited ANKURDRUGSEQ PermittedINE238D01012
Ankur Marketing Limited ANKUREQ ListedINE944E01013
Ansal Housing Limited ANSALHSGEQ PermittedINE880B01015