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Company SymbolBook Closure / Record DateEx-DatePurpose
Repro India Limited REPRO01-Nov-2020 - 07-Nov-202028-Oct-2020Annual General Meeting
Almondz Global Securities Ltd ALMONDZ31-Oct-2020 - 06-Nov-202028-Oct-2020Annual General Meeting
Rohit Ferro-Tech Limited ROHITFERRO31-Oct-2020 - 06-Nov-202028-Oct-2020Annual General Meeting
SNS Properties And Leasing Limited SNSPL31-Oct-2020 - 05-Nov-202028-Oct-2020Annual General Meeting
Vedanta Limited VEDL31-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 9.50/- per share
Asian Paints Limited ASIANPAINT30-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 3.35/- per share
CCL Products (India) Limited CCL30-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Foseco India Limited FOSECOIND30-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 5/- per share
Granules India Ltd GRANULES30-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Re. 0.25/- per share
KIOCL Limited KIOCL30-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Buyback of Equity Shares
Hindustan Unilever Limited HINDUNILVR29-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 14/- per share
Sasken Technologies Limited SASKEN29-Oct-202028-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 10/- per share
Agarwal Duplex Board Mills Limited ADBML02-Nov-202029-Oct-2020Sub-division from Rs. 10/- to Re. 1/- per share
Colgate Palmolive (India) Limited COLPAL02-Nov-202029-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 18/- per share
Nestle India Ltd NESTLEIND02-Nov-202029-Oct-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 135/- per share
Tech Mahindra Limited TECHM02-Nov-202029-Oct-2020Special Dividend Rs. 15/- per share
IL&FS Investment Managers Limited IVC04-Nov-2020 - 10-Nov-202002-Nov-2020AGM/Final Dividend Re. 0.60/- per share
CRISIL Limited CRISIL03-Nov-202002-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 7/- per share
Ester Industries Limited ESTER03-Nov-202002-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 1.50/- per share
USS Global Limited USSGLOBAL05-Nov-2020 - 09-Nov-202003-Nov-2020Annual General Meeting
Aarti Drugs Limited AARTIDRUGS04-Nov-202003-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 2.50/- per share
Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited KKCL04-Nov-202003-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 15/- per share
Sagar Cements Limited SAGCEM04-Nov-202003-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 2/- per share
Kohinoor Foods Limited KOHINOOR06-Nov-2020 - 12-Nov-202004-Nov-2020Annual General Meeting
Rico Auto Industries Limited RICOAUTO06-Nov-2020 - 12-Nov-202004-Nov-2020AGM/Final Dividend Re. 0.30/- per share
Ambuja Cements Limited AMBUJACEM06-Nov-202005-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 17/- per share
Supreme Petrochem Limited SUPPETRO06-Nov-202005-Nov-2020Interim Dividend Rs. 2.50/- per share
SORIL Infra Resources Limited SORILINFRA10-Nov-2020 - 12-Nov-202006-Nov-2020Annual General Meeting
Indiabulls Integrated Services Limited IBULISL11-Nov-2020 - 13-Nov-202009-Nov-2020Annual General Meeting
AGC Networks Limited AGCNET12-Nov-2020 - 18-Nov-202010-Nov-2020Annual General Meeting