Advance notice of atleast seven working days or as may be prescribed from time to time, is required to be given to the Exchange before the transfer books are closed at the time of Annual General Meeting or such other time for the following events.

  • Declaration of dividend
  • Issue of right or bonus shares or split or mergers or demergers or issue of shares for conversion of debentures or of shares arising out of rights attached to debentures.

The time gap between two book closures and record dates would be atleast 30 days.

Date of meeting of the Board of Directors should be intimated to the stock exchange atleast 2 working days in advance, provided the meeting is convened for the following agenda:-

  • Recommendation or declaration of a dividend
  • Convertible debentures or of debentures carrying a right to subscribe to equity shares.
  • Passing over of the dividend
  • Issue of right is due
  • Recommendation or declaration all dividend and/or cash bonuses (at least five days before commencement of the closure of its transfer books or the record date fixed for the purpose)
  • Proposal for Buy Back of Securities.
  • Proposal for declaration of bonus.
  • Further public offer to be made through the fixed price route (notify the Stock Exchange at least 48 hours in advance of the proposed meeting of its Board of Directors convened for determination of issue price.)

Outcome of the Board Meeting convened for the following matters be intimated to the stock exchange within 15 minutes of the closure of the meeting by way of phone, fax, e-mail or electronic interface.

  • All dividends and/or cash bonuses recommended or declared or the decision to pass any dividend or interest payment
  • The total turnover, gross profit/loss, provision for depreciation, tax provisions and net profits for the year (with comparison with the previous year) and the amounts appropriated from reserves, capital profits, accumulated profits of past years or other special source to provide wholly or partly for the dividend, even if this calls for qualification that such information is provisional or subject to audit
  • Decision on Buy Back of Securities
  • Short particulars of any increase of capital whether by issue of bonus shares through capitalization, or by way of right shares to be offered to the shareholders or debenture holders, or in any other way
  • Short particulars of the reissues of forfeited shares or securities, or the issue of shares or securities held in reserve for future issue or the creation in any form or manner of new shares or securities or any other rights, privileges or benefits to subscribe to
  • Short particulars of any other alterations of capital, including calls
  • Any other information necessary to enable the holders of the listed securities of the Company to appraise its position and to avoid the establishment of a false market in such listed securities

Intimate the stock exchange at least twenty-one days in advance of the date on and from which

  • Interest on debentures and bonds becomes payable
  • Redemption amount of redeemable shares or debentures or bonds becomes payable.

Promptly notify to the stock exchange if there is any change in the Company's Directors, Secretaries and Auditors.

The copies of the following documents are to be submitted to the stock exchange by physical as well as electronic means:-

  • 6 Copies of Annual Reports along with Form A and Form B accompanying the audit report to monitor the audit qualifications. The form shall contain the following:-
    • Form A: Unqualified/ Matter of Emphasis Report
    • Form B: Qualified/ Subject To/ Except For Audit Report
    The above forms shall be signed by the:
    a) Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director,
    b) Chief Financial Officer
    c) Auditor
    d) Chairman of the Audit Committee
  • 6 Copies of notices/resolutions for new issue of capital before sending to Shareholders
  • 3 Copies of notices u/s 391/394
  • Copies of AGM/EGM proceedings
  • 3 Copies of notices / advertisements / court orders for merger, amalgamation, reconstruction
  • Copy of the proceedings of all Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Copies of all notices sent to its shareholders with respect to amendments to its Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company and 6 copies of the amended Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Voting results of the resolutions passed in the general meeting is to be submitted to the stock exchange within 48 hours of conclusion of the general meeting.

The information relating to occurrence of events which have a bearing on the performance /operations of the company as well as price sensitive information as suggested in the listing agreement is to be disclosed to the stock exchange both at the time of occurrence and after the cessation of the events.

The time lines for achieving minimum public shareholding as per Rule 19(2) (b) of Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957 are as follows

  • For Public Sector - September 30, 2013
  • For Private Sector - June 30, 2013

The manner of achieving the same is provided in the Listing Agreement.

All the agreements entered with the Media Companies shall be disseminated through the website of the companies and shall be disclosed to stock exchange.

Note: - The above mentioned compliances are event based and are required to be complied on case to case basis.